Acupuncture China's Wonder Therapy Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Textbook for Foreigners English Version Hardcover
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Acupuncture China's Wonder Therapy Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Textbook for Foreigners English Version Hardcover

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Type: Book
Audience: Adult
Genre: Education
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Language: English
Subject: Chinese medicine acupuncture

About this book:

The therapy of acupuncture and moxibustion stimutates certain points on the human body with metallic needles and moxa, activating the meridians and collaterals and regulating the function of the internal, organs, qi and blood, so as to prevent and treat disease. This book describes how to treat common diseases with acupuncture and moxibustion. Any student or practitioner or acupuncture needs to know not only the meridians, collaterals, points and manipulations but also the essentials of traditional Chinese medicine. Clinically, it is important to follow the treatment determined by the symptoms


Chapter I. An Outline of the Treatment
1. The Therapeutic Effect of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
2. Treatment Determined According to Symptoms
3. Selection and Combined Use of Points
4. Specific Points and Their Applications
Chapter II. Treatment of Common Diseases with Acupuncture anMoxibustion 
1. Apoplexy, or Stroke 
2. The Common Cold 
3. Heat Stroke 
4. Cough 
5. Asthma 
6. Vomiting and Hiccups 
7. Choking, Food Retardation and Nausea 
8. Diarrhea 
10. Constipation
11. Rectal Prolapse
12. Retention of Urine
13. Urination Disturbance
14. Seminal Emission
15. Impotence
16. Pulmonary Tuberculosis
17. Insomnia and Amnesia
18. Palpitation of the Heart
19. Depressive and Manic Mental Disorders
20. Epilepsy
21. Vertigo
22. Malaria
23. Jaundice
24. Edema
25. Testis Pain and Swelling
26. Beriberi
27. Headache
28. Hypochondriac Pain
29. Epigastric Pain
30. Abdominal Pain
31. Low Back Pain
32. Obstruction Syndromes
33. Atrophic Syndromes and Sequelae of Poliomyeiitis
34. Polyneuritis
35. Facial Paralysis
36. Sciatica
37. Trigeminal Neuralgia
38. Menstrual Irregularities



Basic Information about this book:

Title:   Acupuncture (China's Wonder Therapy )  

Publisher: Foreign Languages Press (Hardcover)

Date : Oct, 2010 ( 2nd Edition)


Paperback: 167pages

Language: English

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