About Us

     We were all there one time ago daydreaming, make believing, pretending like we were something else?  Maybe once a super hero that had some awesome unique abilities and power.  Maybe a magical sorcerer or a witch that could actually make things appear or disappear and make the coolest potions and spells!  Probably some of those minds were thinking of interesting different unusual creatures that could actual possible be living above us and out there somewhere traveling in the universe.  Children are always curious and eager to learn.  Repetitively, children are always asking the same questions over and over:  when, where, how, what and why?! Does this sounds familiar?  As an adult, I believe we are still doing the very exact same kind of mind wondering! Maybe just not as much or as often?

     Well, Husband and I were doing the very exact thing a few years back before the Covid 19 arrived.  When the quarantine started we were sitting at home discussing the same thing the world was all talking about protecting ourselves and love ones, stocking up, and spending a lot of time at home.  Topics came up about living, trust, respect, morals and ways on how we live.  These conversations turned into the same asking questions of when, where, how, what and why.  Learning and searching and finding out truth, we were introduced and guided to this whole new possible way of living and the way our bodies where intended to live. Finding and learning how to embrace all of our finest capabilities.  Constantly we are finding and learning new raw history, heritage, traits, frequencies, genetics, with great ancestry and new be comings.  Reading and findings on all aspects of spiritual, religion, faith and goodness and realizing that we all have a great importance and purpose in our Circle of Life Platform.  We are most excited to share our findings products of embracing wellness therapy,balancing, technology and much more! Which it all amplifies us to thrive on our natural selection of frequencies, our great frequency connection to our mother earth and how to keep a balance that will able us to freely but naturally embrace our ways to our NEW HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, CARING, AND A LONGER LIVING LOVING LIFE! 

     We all have been on the wrong path for way too long and it is time for some self-discipline. Give back to the greatest mother that we all have neglected and has been taken for granted for such a long time!  Patiently but willingly improve with great new technologies and thrive!  The greatest wake up for all of us!  We are pumped and delighted with positive thoughts and prayers and having faith in our world’s remarkable upbringings and greatest historical events!  Embrace it, respect it, ground yourself, learn and teach it but to always be genuine and respectful!  Never stop spreading the love, joy and happiness to all!  She deserves it and so do you!