Empedokles'in Friends-Amin Maalouf-Turkish Translation Novel-Reading Book
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Empedokles'in Friends-Amin Maalouf-Turkish Translation Novel-Reading Book

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Language: Turkish
Condition: New
Age: Teen & Young Adult
Origin: TR(Origin)

Empedokles'in Friends-Amin Maalouf


Türkiye'de have a wide readership Amin Maalouf new novel Empedokles'in Dostları'yla okurlarını greets.

His novels as trial kitaplarıyla also interested in Maalouf, empedokles'in Dostları'nda this time future-proof kurguyla comeback. Deadly Identities and Civilizations Sunset books in the critical observations in half a dystopian world paints. Plato's mağarasından come out Empedokles'in Dostları'yla tanışmaya invites us.

The Atlantic Ocean is a resident, only two of the island of small Antioche: medium yaşın the mellow with a quiet life wishing wrote with Alec first romanının yakaladığı success after everything behind leaving the enigmatic Ève. Away from one another, fragile yalnızlıklarının enjoyers these two people way one day of electricity, telephones, television broadcasts, the internet, in short in any kind of aracının overpowered the arrival intersect.
Reality reaching imkânı kalmayınca fısıltı newspaper shall run: Planet it is a nuclear disaster, america on a global scale a terror attack was exposed, insanlığın lives kolaylaştıran technological developments have brought about the end of mankind anymore…
All world this söylentilerle çalkalanırken, their Empedokles'in Friends who says, A highly advanced technology and medicine have knowledge of a mysterious group of people to end to karmaşaya often shows up. Alec who these people are trying to learn, the world we live in çelişkileriyle also have to face remains. Nothing will not be like before.

“Disappointment containing write this storyline, i got to the end of izlenim deyim. Have, the upper hand made, both in the world as well as anxiety hope rüzgârları estirdiler, then they left.”